My teaching and my scholarly work have earned grants and awards at Harvard University, the Center for Language Teaching Advancement at Michigan State University, and the National Less Commonly Taught Languages Resource Center.

National Less Commonly Taught Languages (LCTL) Resource Center’s LCTL Innovation Award:
Grand prize for “outstanding, innovative, and transformative uses of technology in the teaching” of LCTLs
CELTA @ MSU logo
Less Commonly Taught and Indigenous Languages Partnership:
$30,000 grant awarded for collaboratively creating an open educational resource textbook for Western Armenian
Hoopes Prize:
The only prize at Harvard awarded to both a senior thesis writer and their faculty advisor(s) that recognizes “excellent undergraduate work and excellence in the art of teaching”
Derek Bok Certificate for Excellence in Teaching:
Recognizes instructors who have received a score of 4.50 or higher in the
“overall” category of the Q Guide from 5 or more respondents