I collect resources that are helpful for learners and lovers of Modern Western Armenian. If you have any links to add, please get in touch with me!

Until the textbook I am developing is ready to be released as an open educational resource, I recommend the following textbooks:

Haroutiun Kurkjian’s Practical Textbook of Western Armenian
Thomas Samuelian’s A Course in Modern Western Armenian
Gordon H. Fairbanks’ Spoken West Armenian
Kevork B. Bardakjian and Robert W. Thomson’s A Textbook of Modern Western Armenian with recordings
James Etmekjian’s A Graded West Armenian Reader

For adults who want to listen to Armenian content to strengthen their Armenian, I recommend the following:

Beirut’s Վանայ Ձայն radio network has programs about movies, literature, politics, recent news, and music

SBS Australia‘s weekly updates cover recent news, health, economics, and history

Ասպանդակ is an interview podcast about the daily life of Armenians around the world

Անուն քաղաք ճաշ is an interview podcast about life in Istanbul

Յուշամատեան is a well-researched treasure trove for Armenian learners who care about traditional food, games, music, dance, and popular medicine.

For parents of children who would like to have fun with Armenian, I recommend the following sites, channels, or pages:

Alik Arzoumanian reads children’s books out loud

Liza Manoyan reads books and explains grammar

Joëlle sings songs and does crafts for children

Երգարան has song lyrics and mp3 downloads

Armenian Music collects many genres of music

Երգեր is an Armenian music streaming app

Ժպիտ is a monthly children’s magazine with crossword puzzles, riddles, stories, and comics

Փթիթ is an interactive children’s website with games, riddles, jokes, and stories

Փոքրիկ collects stories and creates videos and lessons around them

Հայկաշխարհ is an educational website for learning about Armenian traditions and history

Thanks to Antonio E. Porreca and Alexandre Gallot for suggesting some of the textbook resources above.