I teach both my language and literature/writing classes using a student-centered approach that has earned Harvard University’s Bok Center for Teaching and Learning Certificate of Distinction and Excellence in Teaching.

A student-created poster for one of my recent courses…

The following is an abbreviated list of courses I have taught at Harvard University, Harvard Summer School, Harvard Extension, and the University of Texas at Austin:

  • Elementary Western Armenian (ARMEN AA/AB)
  • Intermediate Western Armenian (ARMEN BA/BB)
  • Advanced Western Armenian (ARMEN CA/CB)
  • Introduction to Armenian Literature in Translation (ARMEN 101)
  • Kindred Spirits: Ghosts in Ethnic American Literature (ARMEN 164)
  • Revolutionary Women: Contemporary Fiction of Dissent in Context (ARMEN 163)
  • Contemporary Armenian Culture (ARMEN 162)
  • Academic Writing & Critical Reading (EXPO E-25)
  • Dark Pasts: Film/Graphic Novels/Literature (E 344L)
  • Banned Books & Novel Ideas (E 314L)
  • The Rhetoric of Suburbs & Slums (RHE 309K)
  • Critical Reading & Persuasive Writing (RHE 309S)
  • Rhetoric & Writing (RHE 306)

Interested in how I assess my students? Read more on my Assessment page.