United-AIO “Think Differently | Work Together | Act Urgently” Panel

Join me for a discussion about the future of Armenia during United-AIO’s day-long conference, Building Armenia Together: Wiser & Stronger.

Panelists will be the leaders of six of the Armenian organizations participating in United-AIO. The moderator will invite each leader to make a brief introductory statement about his or her organization followed by a moderated discussion that will address questions such as: Why have Diasporan organizations come together now? What are the challenges that stand in the way of collaboration? How can Diasporan organizations overcome those challenges? What change do each hope to see going forward in the approach and behavior of Diasporan organizations? How can unaffiliated Armenians be brought into the mainstream of Armenian Diasporan activity?


Sara Anjargolian
Chief of Staff (the Republic of Armenia’s Office of the High Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs); Co-founder & Board Member (Impact Hub Yerevan)


Lisa Gulesserian
Preceptor of Armenian at Harvard University; Member of the Coordinating Committee at Zoravik

Lucy Varpetian
Principal Assistant City Attorney (City of Glendale); Chairperson at Armenian Bar Association

Hagop V. Panossian
President (ARPA Institute)

Anna Sargsyan
President (Peace for Armenians)

Serj Eyvazian
President / Chair (Armenian Eagles Foundation); Executive Director, Enterprise Masterplan & PDC (CHOC Children’s)

Vahe Haroutounian
President (All-ASA)



Jun 05 2021


10:10 am

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